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Dear Friend,

Did you ever copy other kids’ work at school?

I’m ashamed to say that I did. When I got stuck on my spelling tests I’d sneak a peek at my desk-mate’s book.

His name was Salvatore Mancia (yes, that really is his name!).  He was very clever and almost always correct.

Or at least, MORE CORRECT than me when it came to spelling.

Well, 46 years on, I hope I can make amends for my crimes…

Because today I’m offering you an opportunity to CHEAT at your Forex Trading… totally guilt free…. and copy my trades every day.

I’ll give you everything – the price, the stop loss, even the take profit limit.

You need to do very little – no research,  no chart analysis, no screen-watching.

Just punch in the numbers I give you, set it up and leave it to run.

And I’m willing to let you put me to the test risk-free for 30 days.

Let me PROVE that copying my daily trades is easy and profitable.

To give you an idea of what to expect….

  • While testing, this made an astounding 3,286 pips in 24 weeks, which is an average of 137 pips per week.
  • And that’s just the lazy version where you set and forget.
  • If you choose to let the trades run with the trend as far as you can, then you could turn the average pip gain into 963 a week!

It’s up to you how much you want to ‘work’.  There’s the super-lazy, or just the lazy option. Either way, you’ll have the confidence that you’re copying the trades of a Forex expert.

And, as one of the very first people to join, you can get a 50% discount on the price, as long as I hear from you by midnight this Friday (23rd February).

Why I’m letting you copy my trades

My name is Jason Alexander and you might know me from my best selling services that coach home traders in my Forex trading methods, such as FX Hijacker and Renko FX Trader.

Not to blow my own trumpet, but I live and breathe FX trading. It’s how I make my living and it’s what I do, every day – I engross myself in the market, analyse charts and spot trends.

And I’m pretty darned good at it.

For the past 6 months I’ve been developing something brand new, which I’ve never done before, but always wanted to…

It’s known as a ‘trade copier’ service.

If you’ve not heard of this kind of service before, it’s fairly obvious, as the clue is in the name…

You simply COPY my Forex trades.

Think of it this way…. it’s a bit like doing a parachute jump in tandem with a top expert who’s already done thousands of parachute jumps.

You’d feel far more confident wouldn’t you?

Rather than leap into the unknown you are with someone who understands all the risks and knows all the techniques.

Well, similarly, by getting into the exact same trades as me, you can achieve a level of confidence and profits you’d never enjoy on your own.

I will do all the work behind the scenes. All you need to do is react to an alert on your smartphone or your PC.

The alert includes everything you need for your trade including the entry price, my recommended stop loss and a limit level for taking profits.

Punch in the co-ordinates, then leave it to run and forget about it!

All this means you don’t need to use any guesswork.

  • No research
  • No analysis of tricky chart patterns
  • No biting your nails wondering if you’ve interpreted the signal properly
  • No screen watching

This is something you can do whether you’re a seasoned or novice trader.

And if you ARE a more advanced trader, and enjoy more active trading you can aim for higher profits by letting your trade run beyond the limit level… that is, IF you want.

Letting trades run is relatively easy and I will show you how. It can make a huge difference and could turn the average pip gain into as much as 963 pips a week.

But look, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

You can copy my trades for the next 30 days on a risk-free trial basis so you can see it in action before you decide whether to continue.

There are only THREE conditions.

  • First and most importantly you need a mobile phone. That’s where the alerts will be sent to!
  • You need to be able to place your trades during the day. It’s not going to take long and you don’t have to screen watch but you do need to be able actually place your trade!
  • You need to make sure your phone is turned on and is connected and able to receive messages! Otherwise you won’t receive the alerts.

So if you can deal with those three conditions, then read on….

As good as having a professional trader do all the hard work for you…

Imagine your best mate was a successful trader with all the necessary skills and knowledge at his fingertips.

And imagine you could call him up any time and ask him EXACTLY what he will be trading that day.

How brilliant would that be? You’d probably never buy a trading system again. I mean, why spend hours working out your own trades, second guessing the trends, when a seasoned pro could do it for you?

Well, that’s exactly what’s on the table today.

Except with AutoFX Trader you don’t have to call me up and go through the niceties of ‘hello, how are you, would you mind telling me today’s trade,” blah blah.

I will literally send ALL my trades to your smartphone as soon as I get them.

Once you get an alert to say it’s ready… all you have to do is punch in a couple of numbers that I give you into your trading platform and enter the trade.

If you like, you can leave it to run, and exit based on the stop loss or profit level I suggest for you.

OR if you want to be more involved and do it yourself, you can keep the trade open for as long as you want it to run, following the trend for the maximum potential profits.

You don’t need to ask me questions or butter me up or thank me. It can all happen electronically within minutes.

And if you do need to ask me questions, I can offer you my email support to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Really, this is as good as having a professional trader run your trades for you, but with far less hassle (and expense!).

Here’s how it works…

  1. You get an alert on your smartphone with the trade details.
  2. You log onto your trading account to place the trade.  You’ll have an entry price, recommended stop loss and limit level for taking profits. If you’re a cautious or inexperienced trader, stick with those.
  3. Or if you like to trade more actively you can ignore the limit level and keep following the trend until it turns, and take potentially even more profits. For that I’ll give you video instructions and coaching.

And really, that’s as much as you need to do.

Yes, you will need to act on that alert during the day and get onto the trade quickly… BUT… after that you can leave it to run to the stop loss or chosen profit level. So there’s no need for analysis chart patterns or panicky screen-watching.

The ‘set and forget’ version made 3,286 pips during the 24 week trial, which is an average of 137 pips per week. But if you had let some of those trades run on, you could have turned that average into 963 pips a week.

The whole package will come with my coaching, videos, written instructions and email support.  You won’t be left to scratch your head or wonder if you’re doing it correctly.

This is perfect for Forex novices and seasoned traders alike

There are two simple ways to trade this strategy.

# Method 1 – Simple Set & Forget

If you’re a novice trader… don’t fancy learning another strategy… or simply don’t have time to monitor price movements then this is a no brainer…

You can follow my ‘set and forget’ method and simply copy the exact trade when it comes through.

All you have to do is punch in the 3 numbers I give you into your brokers trading platform and take the trade.

Here’s what happened when we tested this over a period of 24 weeks.

As you can see it made a profit of 3,286 pips in total or 137 pips a week on average.

What does that mean in pounds and pence?

Well, if you were trading at just £2 a pip you’d have made £274 a week.

Remember that’s simply by punching in 3 numbers into your trading platform to take the trade!

That works out as an extra £1,096 a month tax-free in your pocket.

That could be money to fast track the mortgage payments… treat the family to a nice holiday somewhere a bit warmer than bloody Cleveland, Yorkshire (where I’m from!)… it’s money to spend on whatever you like.

And if you’re starting out with a bigger bank you could trade at £5 a pip.

That’s when the numbers really start to add up.

Because following my ‘set and forget’ method, you’d have made on average £685 a week…

Or £2,740 a month!

£1,096 a month tax-free on average at £2 a pip… or £2,740 at £5 a pip trading my ‘set & forget’ method

But look, I’m not suggesting you go in all guns blazing…

Any form of trading is risky which is why you should only ever trade with money you can afford to lose.

After you have practised with a demo account then I recommend you start with a maximum of £1 a pip.

That way you could build up a profitable bank during your risk-free trial period and then start trading with your winnings.

And if you decide to take this a little more seriously, you can try my advanced method and ramp up your profits even further.

Let’s take a look at my second method.

# Method 2 – Profit Accumulator

If you’re a more advanced trader, happy to actively trade (and with a desire to make more money) you can aim for higher profits by letting your trade run beyond the limit level… that is, IF you want to.

Letting trades run is relatively easy and I will show you how. It can make a huge difference and turned the average pip gain into 963 pips a week during the testing phase.

If you take another look at the table above you’ll see a column marked ‘Advanced Maximum pips’ which shows how much you could potentially make from letting a trade run to its full potential.

It adds up to a huge 963 pips per week on average.

That’s £1,926 a WEEK, at £2 a pip… or £7,704 a month on average.

O.k… let’s take a slight step back here… this is the maximum you could have made from this by letting your trades run.

With the set and forget version you know exactly when to exit a trade but with the advanced version it’s highly unlikely you are going to get out at the perfect point every time, so let’s be cautious and halve that figure.

If you go out for profit just 50% of the maximum possible you’d be looking to make 481.5 pips a week.

That’s £1,926 on average a month at £1 a pip… £3,852 a month at £2 a pip… or £9,630 at £5 a pip. 

So how much does this cost?

Okay, so here’s the good news…

You can start copying my trades with no large upfront investment. Simply join today and pay a monthly fee of just £97 (+VAT).

This payment is risk-free for the first month, as you can have a full refund if you’re not happy for any reason.

What’s more, for this launch only, I’m willing to slash the price for your first month by over 50%.

That means you only need to pay £47 (+VAT) to try out AutoFX Trader.

However, this is a limited offer that must end at midnight this Friday 23rd February.

Remember, this is on a 30-day ‘profit or don’t pay’ trial basis. Let me prove how easy and fun it is to copy my trades.

Either you make good, regular money from my Forex trades, or you can walk away without paying me.

And moving forward you are free to stop profiting from AutoFX Trader at any time. Just let me know and I’ll cancel your future monthly payments. But I’m really confident that you’ll stick with this for the long term.

I can’t wait for you to start copying my trades!

Just click the orange button below to get started.


Jason Alexander
AutoFX Trader

PS: AutoFX Trader is very transparent and I am prepared to live or die by my results! You can see how much profit you can make from copying my trades before you decide to continue. If you’re not happy at any time during the first 30 days, that’s fine, you can opt out with a full refund.

And after that you are free to stop profiting at any time you choose – just let me know and I’ll cancel your membership.

PPS: The 50% discount offer MUST end at midnight Friday 23rd February.

PPPS: I’d love you to come and copy my trades, but I fully understand if you have reservations or doubts. So let me try and clear some of them up.

The whole package will come with my coaching, videos and email support. You won’t be left to scratch your head or wonder if you’re doing it correctly.

It’s perfect if you’ve tried trading Forex in the past but found it frustrating not knowing exactly which trades to place or when.

Auto FX Trader removes all those barriers because you can simply copy my trades – no stress, confusion or hassle. It’s just a case of ‘do this, then that’.

What’s the deal with the software? I am rubbish with technology

I will take you through simple steps to get set up. I’ve created videos that are easy to follow and you’ll get email support.

But I’ll be honest – if you really find using a computer and following set up instructions a struggle then maybe this isn’t for you.

And experience of using MT4 is a distinct advantage to get the maximum profit.

I’ve kept it simple but I know there are some people that just hate using technology so if that’s you then perhaps trading with AutoFX Trader isn’t for you.

Can I do this on a Mac?

Yes! Because the alerts are sent straight to your mobile phone.

What if I can’t trade during the day?

You will need to access your trading account during the day to make the trade as and when I send it. However, you don’t need to sit by a computer all day as I send the alert to your smartphone.  So if you don’t think you can take a minute or two during the day to place the trade then it’s not really for you.

And of course you don’t have to trade every day!  Although I do recommend you try to be as consistent as possible for the best returns, there is no problem taking a day off or missing the odd trade.

What if I change my mind?

You can see results of my trades for a full 30 days. There’s a month’s trial period with a full refund promise so you can change your mind. Even after the trial, this is a monthly subscription service and you can opt out at any time.

Is it risky?

I give you the precise stop loss and limit levels so you can set up trades with sensible, controlled risk and leave them to run. No need to worry about timing your exit.

Yes, all trading comes with some risk and you won’t win every trade, however, you’ll be following my professional trading strategy. There’s no guesswork and I’m confident you can make great long term profits from this.

How quickly can I get started?

It’s quick to set up, just let me know your mobile number. I’ll also give you simple, straightforward coaching so that you get the maximum out of AutoFX Trader without hitches and headaches.

Does it come with support?

Yes! Whenever you have questions or problems, I will be on hand to answer them via email, within 24 hours during weekdays.

* All figures stated do not take spreads into account as these will vary depending on the broker you use.

Risk Disclosure: There is a risk of loss in all trading. Spread betting carries significant risk and should only be undertaken by those who can afford to lose some or all of their investment. The Forex market is by its nature speculative and can be volatile. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Before investing, or if in doubt about the suitability of an investment, please seek independent financial advice.

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